This sweeps featured a video on the entry form, a mobile version of the site, and Twitter and Facebook integration.

The landing, entry, and thank you pages on a mobile device.

We implemented the design, hosted the site on our sweepstakes platform, and developed the mobile entry submission process.

Designed for phones from 128 pixels wide to 480 pixels wide.

Designed to fit 7 different phone resolutions, and to be compatible across every metroPCS device.

The website, and the iPhone application.

The entry button prompted a user to take a video or use a video from their library. Users were able to enter as their video uploaded - no waiting for an upload to finish after submitting their info.

Using a search field and tags, users could browse, view, and vote for entries on their mobile devices.

The call-to-action cling was put on windows of vending machines throughout the US. Entrants text the UPC code of their M&M packaging to a short code and instantly find out if they have won a prize.

83.2% of the entrants submitted via SMS. The remaining 16.8% opted to submit their UPC code online via a web portal that we also developed for this instant-win promotion.

The mobile site could be accessed from QR codes found in their magazine.

The mobile site

The mobile site could be accessed from QR codes found in magazines.

The mobile site

This sweepstakes ran on the client's Facebook page as well as on mobile.

Despite its complexities, the flow of the mobile site mirrored the web site.

Landing page and Prizes page. Buttons were designed to look like the native iPhone UI.

Nicely designed, fluid inputs. On the thank you page, the user was offered a free service.

Users could enter by uploading a photo from their computer, or by emailing a photo from their mobile device.

Instructions and Thank You. Users could upload as many photos as they like.

The website used an accordion to hide and show each category of products. In the mobile version, each page consisted of one category from the accordion.

Users checked the box next to the product(s) they wanted to have a chance to win.

The video played on Andoid, iPhone, and newer Blackberry phones.

Once the video had been watched, entrants were redirected to the entry form.

The website and mobile site side-by-side. Users arrived at the mobile site from a QR code printed in a popular cooking magazine.

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