As part of the entry process, users were instructed to retweet a message.

Basic information was collected, along with their Twitter username, which was used by our system to verify the retweet.

Landing page

Entry form, which appeared on the landing page.

Landing page.

Entry page.

Thank you page.

The Greatest Love Story contest invited happy couples to submit a video describing the story of their love. They had a chance to win a getaway at a Sandals resort.

The entry page, where users were able to upload their video and see the upload progress.

The contest details page explained the basics of the sweepstakes, as well as provided an overview of the prizes.

A sortable list of entries. After entries were approved by the judges, they automatically went into the gallery.

Users could browse the video gallery, in order to select a video and read the accompanying essay. Users could vote for one entry per day.

Gallery of entries for users to vote on.

Voters are required to log in prior to voting. A modal window overlays the page the user is viewing to quickly and easily log in or register.

The website included a pronotional page for the iPhone app and Android app. The page includes a QR code to make downloading the application easy.

Brides.com Spin and Win consisted of forty-three daily "instant win" and six weekly prize winners.

The entry form makes it easy for returning users to quickly come back and play the game again.

This flash spinner gets its winner information from our database and displays the proper animation. Example can be found here

On the winner page, the winners have the opportunity to share their success

An email was sent to the winners.

The entry form as well as a gallery of recent entries are displayed on the landing page.

The full gallery of approved entries. The essay for each photo appears below it.

A page outlining the entry criteria and process.

Instant win landing page featuring returning entry field and a comprehensive prize list collage.

First time entrants would come to this page, but if they entered previously they would skip to the instant win page.

Message displayed to the user if they didn't win.

Congratulations message for a lucky winner.

Explains the entry process.

Two types of entries were possible: by promo code and by scratchoff code. Users could enter using both methods from the landing page.

The modal entry form overlaid the homepage.

Dropping game where users try to catch as many cubes as they can in the cup. The coffee machine taunts you while you play for increased difficulty!

The "sorry" messages were varied, making coming back and playing again more fun.

The "win" messages were varied as well.

Fun, eye-catching landing page design, matching print materials.

Entry page with returning entrant functionality.

Thank you page with send-a-friend email fields.

Landing page with returning entrant functionality. Each prize had mouseover functionality which would pop up detailed information about the prize.

Entry form featuring prize customization questions and CAPTCHA.

Thank you page with special offer coupons.

Fun, eye-catching landing page design, matching print materials.

Entry page with returning entrant functionality.

Thank you page with send-a-friend email fields.

Money was a complex promotion that allowed users to upload fun pictures of themselves that would be framed by a bill, and put into the gallery.

Before the promotion started, users were able to pre-register. Once the promotion started, emails were sent to users suggesting they upload a photo or video.

Preregistration confirmation.

Upload screen, prompting users to upload either a photo or video of themselves to be featured inside the bill.

Landing page.

Standard entry form.

Thank you page.

Entry form.

Thank you page.

In "Transform yourself into Wolverine", Users submit a film of themselves shaving or trimming their beard to best look like Wolverine.

Videos of up to 100MB were accepted.

Landing page with entry form.

Thank you page.

Landing page for a multi-lingual instant-win promotion.

Dual language entry form.

Page displayed to non-winning users.

Page displayed to users who won one of the eMusic instant-win prizes.

Animated sweepstakes header.

Only users over 21 were allowed to enter.

Entry form.

Users created unique registrations for this site, making entering again very simple.

The instant-win spinner.

Congratulations page, and an offer to refer your friends.

"Thanks for refering a friend" page.

First step of the form, with age screening and captcha. Users would enter their wish here, and be able to see other people's wishes to the left.

Users who already entered would click the appropriate star and have the returning entry form fade in. Others would be taken to the standard form.

Users only needed to enter their contact information once. If they had entered previously, they would go to this page to enter again.

Standard entry form, which was faded in once the "First time entering?" star was clicked.

COPPA form for those who are under 18.

The user enters their game piece code here.

Entry page.

This page displays the number of pieces the user has entered since the start of the contest.

In an effort to help preserve the environment, KeySpan, the largest distributor of natural gas in the Northeast, launched the "Be Green, Win Green" campaign.

The form included an appointment scheduling mechanism with a KeySpan representative, a necessary step in the process.

Sum of All Thrills landing page.

Minors are sent to this page for COPPA compliance.

Standard entry form.

Prizes page.

Send a friend, allowing users to share this site with three of their friends via email.

Thank you page. If users had come from mathmovesu.com, they would see a button that would allow them to close the window and return to the mathmovesu.com website

Sweepstakes landing page that opens in a pop-up.

Sweepstakes form page, which includes age validation.

The Gas Sweeps, embedded at the right of the Greenory.com homepage.

The Gas Sweeps form.

Landing page of the promotion.

Step one of the entry form: users input the promotional code found on the product.

Users enter their contact information, and can choose to be notified via text message if they won.

After the user enters, they are forwarded to a "thank you" page on the Tastykake website.

Landing page of the promotion.

Returning entry field.

Top of the entry form

Bottom of the form with survey questions.

When the user clicks "spin to win now", the arrow begins to spin.

The header, containing links to the interactive flash pieces including photo galleries and 360 degree view of the Solstice GXP.

The intro video was taken from the passanger seat in a Solstice GXP as it raced other Solstice GXPs, and messages were overlayed that elevated users' excitement about the sweepstakes.

Pontiac Setup Entry Form, with survey questions relating to Pontiac's products.

Header of the sweepstakes.

Opt-ins, captcha, and sponsor logos.

This promotion was sponsored by the New York Wine & Grape Foundation. It invited entrants to submit their favorite recipe featuring Concord grape juice and to enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win.

Entry form.

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