GripMedia, Inc. is a web development firm with developers and team members based in the US and France. Over the last 21 years we have designed, built, hosted, and maintained well over 2,000 projects.

We offer highly customized development tailored to your specifications whether you need web or social media applications. We also develop promotional sites such as sweepstakes and contests for some of the largest brands.

With secured proprietary platforms, scalable infrastructure, and fraud prevention and detection, we are confident that we can exceed your expectations with the development, deployment, and support of your projects.

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We build everything from simple websites to very complex web applications such as configurators and quoting systems for the injection molding industry -- Business-to-business software that needs to work remotely accross multiple browsers, operating systems, computers, departments or locations.

Over the years we have developed thousands of sweepstakes, contests, and mini-games for household brand names and worked for the most recognized sweepstakes administration and sweepstakes management company in the US. If you are a sweepstakes and contests administrator, you and your clients will have access to the most reliable platform in the business.

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The majority of web traffic worldwide is viewed on mobile devices. Responsive Web Design enables design and code to respond to the size of a device’s screen. It gives the user the optimal viewing experience whether on a 4-inch mobile screen, an iPad, or a 40-inch display.

But it’s more than packing desktop-sized content into a handheld-sized screen - Responsive design is about focusing on what’s most important. Our mobile-first mindset allows us to focus on providing your users with the most important content first, so you can be sure your message gets across loud and clear.

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Social media marketing is very inexpensive compared to other promotional strategies. Social media campaigns increase brand recognition and brand loyalty. Don’t limit yourself to your usual customers — reach millennials and Gen Z; the most loyal generations to brands that engage them on social media.

Once a user enters from a shared link, the entrant responsible for the share is given a bonus entry.

A feed that pulls in user posts that include the required hashtag, or a set of hashtags, from a social media platform and grants entries.

A feed that pulls in comments from a social media post and grants entries. These can also be run on live videos, as long as the video is posted after the event.

The user is able to select a photo from their social account and enter it in a promotion.

The promotion is able to post a photo to the user's social media account.

The promotion is able to verify the user is following a specific account on a social media platform.
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People love games. Games increase interest in your promotion and the likelihood that users will share their experience with others, leading to increased traffic and participation.

Customers equate the quality of your company's advertising to the quality of the company itself. If their experience with your promotion exceeds their expectations, they'll think more highly of your company. Each game is fully customizable to include your company's branding and messaging. We can develop a game around any campaign concept, product or service.

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